Battery Storage

What is Solar Battery Storage
This is a battery either Lithium-ion Battery or lead acid that can store electricity either from solar panels or store electricity from the grid at off peak times at lower cost. 


What the benefits of having a battery?
A Battery will allow you to store the surplus electricity from the solar panels that is generated during the day and use that electricity at night when the solar panels are not generating enough energy to power the house or is producing no energy.

At the time of writing electricity is roughly 28p per kWwh.   Why pay that when the solar energy is self-generated?


Will Batteries power my house if there a power cut?
Yes, they can.   The basic idea is they will allow you to run your fridge, freezer broadband and couple of lights for several hours if there is a result of a power cut.


Can you still sell electric back to the grid?
Yes, you can.   When the solar is more than the energy needed in the house and the batteries are full you can still sell the electric back to the grid.  


Can I charge my battery from the grid?
If you have a car charger you can join Octopus and sign up to their octopus go tariff.  This means between 0.30am and 4.30am you can charge your battery at 7.50p      


What size of battery should I have?
Unfortunately, there is no good answer to this.   It depends on a great number of things.  The size of the solar array.   If you are home in the day or in work.   If you have a electric car or not.   What the base rate of electricity coming into the house.    My best advice, get in touch and book a appointment.   We gladly advice you on your personal circumstances.

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