South Wales Solar Panel Installation

Reduce your monthly outgoings while making a smart investment that's kind to the planet

Solar Panels for your home

What can solar do for you?

In a world that moves so fast we can sometimes feel that everything is beyond our control; with Solar Panels on your house you can reclaim control of your finances. With export tarrifs you can even get paid for excess solar energy you generate; putting a little extra in your pocket every month.

Go about your day-to-day life knowing that the electricity you are using during the day is coming from the solar panels and coming from your battery storage at night, utilizing the power of the sun with a home solar system from EDC Renewables.

Click the following link to learn more about the benefits of solar energy.

EDC Renewables Battery Storage

Solar Panels with Home Battery Storage

Store it or sell it?

Think about it like this - does it really make sense to sell electricity back to the grid only to have to buy it back at a more expensive rate when you need it?

With a full home system there will be times that your solar panels capture more electricity than you're using, so rather than letting this go to waste you can save it up in a battery storage unit ready for when you next need it, such as at night when you aren't able to generate energy from the sun.

Battery storage also help during the winter months as you can charge your battery from grid electricity when it is cheapest and use it when it's at it's most expensive.

We can help you decide what is the best size battery for you and the best place to locate it with our free consultation,  or alternatively read our Battery Storage Frequently Asked Questions.

Charge your electric vehicle with solar energy

Most people will charge their electric vehicle at night when electricity is cheaper. But what could be better that charging it during the day when electricity is coming from your solar panels?

There's nothing like paying less to drive.

EDC Renewables EV Chargers
Myenergy Eddi

Have a shower without the power

The myenergi Eddie will charge your hot water tank with excess solar.

Your hot water tank is effectively a massive kettle. Heat the water up from the sun energy so the gas does not have to work so hard when it needs to heat up.

Tigo optimizers for the home

Solar panels biggest enemy is shade. Why?

Solar panels work on string system or an easier example like Christmas tree lights. What affects one panel will affect them all. If you have trees or buildings or chimneys in your sun line then this could cause shade on the panels.

This means even if only one panel is shaded then all the panels will work at a lower efficiency. But don’t panic. Tigo optimizers allow the panels to work individually, this means what affects one panel only affect that one panel. Meaning more electricity for you.

If you are worried your house is not suitable because of shade, get in touch and we will see if there is solution for you.

Tigo Optimiser
About EDC Renewables


If you decide to place an order with us, we will first complete a full survey of your home and  register your installation with your Local District Network Office.

An Installation by our fully qualified installers normally takes a day. If you have a slate roof that can be 2 days.

We can normally begin your installation within 6 to 8 weeks of you placing a order.


Do you want to know more?

Free consultation

First step is to get in touch and book a free consultation. We will come to the House and do the following:

1. Check the direction your house is facing

2. Check the pitch of the roof

3. Check for shade

4. Check the electrics

5. Check the roof

6. Discuss where the equipment would go

7. Answer all your questions about solar and batteries

8. Leave you with a quote for your consideration

We promise you no pushy sales techniques. To be no longer than 1 hour. (Typical appointment is 45 minutes)


All of our guarantees are backed up with an Insurance Backed warranty from HIES.

We will register your installation with the Micro Generation Certificate Scheme. Once this is done, we will give you your handover pack and even help with filling in the forms for applying for the SEG with your energy supplier.

EDC Aftersales

How to book an Appointment

CLICK HERE for an in-house appointment or virtual appointment

RING 01639 316107 to book an appointment over the phone


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